Art and Dentistry @ SmileHouse

In a world of linear thinking, we often take comfort in what we know to be “true.” The problem is that the truth is not nearly as obvious as it might seem. Or even true.

Did you know that recent research has supported the fact that probably the best pre-dental major would be art? The fine motor skills a student would develop through art classes – not to mention the aesthetic eye needed for cosmetic dentistry– would serve the student well in dental school and in the profession.

Here comes the non-linear response from Smile House: Pairing Art Dentistry.

At our Smile House dental practice, we treat your smile like a work of art. It’s the canvas for your individuality, and we will create a flawless palette for the colors of your personality to shine through. You will always find a distinctive service with a compassionate, gentle touch that makes achieving a beautiful, healthy smile comfortable and worry-free.

Make Smile House your home for soothing, state-of-the-art care. Please call for More information on Family Dental Packages.